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035_Celebrating FLOW’s 1st anniversary with AJ Boelens


★英語インタビュー (日本語訳エピソードは次回)

Show Note

1. 1 year after FLOW’s launch

2. Husband’s side of story of our Fertility Journey

3. Sharing his true feeling during the last embryo transfer

4. The closure

5. New beginning

6. The birth of “FLOW” and how he saw my transformation

7. “Happy Wife Happy Life”

8. Ask AJ - Answering Listeners’ Questions

This is a special English episode to celebrate the 1st anniversary of FLOW the Podcast.

The same day I announced publicly that my husband and I were no longer trying to conceive and would focus on our own lives instead as we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

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It has been already a year since the big announcement and we are happier than ever!

This is accomplished through our healthy relationship and our individual growth including my achievement creating this podcast channel and FLOW community.

To celebrate FLOW’s 1st anniversary and our 16th wedding anniversary, I had to invite no one other than my husband, AJ Boelens - my best friend of 18 years.

In this episode, you are about to find out our true story behind the closed door as we shared our thoughts and emotions during those 8 years of TTC and how we ended our fertility journey to put our marriage and personal growth first.

This episode is dedicated to all my listeners, instagram followers, peers, friends and family who have been so supportive since its launch.

(*Apologise in advance for the poor audio quality. It’s a long story…)


Click and listen!

FLOW - Fulfilling Lives of Women

FLOW on Podcast is a Japanese show where the host Mayumi Boelens introduces and celebrates the diversity of life choices for women, married or unmarried. In each episode, she invites a childless woman either by choice or by circumstance (infertility, no partner, late marriage, missed the fertility window…etc) as well as a woman who became a mother through adoption.

If you are the one or know somebody who could be, she would love to hear from you.

Your life stories would inspire many women.


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