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Fulfilling Lives of Women

Plan B. 

It’s a scary world out there, if you don’t know what it’s like. 

By knowing there are endless options that can lead to another happiness in life,

you will find your way forward at your own pace,

to accept, heal and enjoy it.

About FLOW

FLOW - Fulfilling Lives of Women, is a platform for Japanese women without kids (or biological kids) to find their peers and role models by sharing their life stories and feelings openly and honestly without any judgement.


Many Japanese women feel obligated to their tradition, their society and their government to produce children, while at the same time, being married and having kids is not everyone’s choice nor under their control. 

Some married couples are struggling to come to terms with their unexpected life without kids.  

Many successful career-focussed single women are still pressured by parents and relatives to “settle in” by finding a husband and having kids. 

FLOW supports those who want to live authentically and unapologetically beyond social expectations.


FLOW on Podcast is a Japanese show where the host Mayumi Boelens introduces and celebrates the diversity of life choices for women, married or unmarried.  

About Mayumi



  • Japanese Bilingual Event MC / Interpreter

  • Voiceover / Podcaster  

  • NLP Master practitioner & Life Coach for Childless Women by circumstance or by choice.

  • Speaks Japanese, English & Mandarin. Learning Spanish

  • A Wife of Canadian husband (best friend) since 2005

  • Resident of Singapore since 2012 after China, Canada, Japan


Mayumi and her husband went though 8 years of unsuccessful fertility journey in their 30s.

Through her journey she discovered that all the information available on fertility journey was unrealistically positive and pushing the idea that success would / should happen, and a baby is going to come if you don’t give up.

In Japan, there was few talking about how to come to terms with it and start designing a plan B, life without a child.  

Mayumi Boelens

This reality planted a belief in her mind that she was a failure and unworthy and she struggled to find her purpose of living for a few years until she realized what she has gone through was what many Japanese childless women are going through right now.


So she gave birth to FLOW instead.

She grabbed the microphone to deliver the message of how important it is to talk about our imperfections to embrace the beauty of them and to know there are many women around you who understand what you’re going through. 


In each episode, she invites a childless woman either by choice or by circumstance (infertility, no partner, late marriage, missed the fertility window…etc) as well as a woman who became a mother through adoption. 


Mayumi is now 40 and has found her IKIGAI (purpose in life) to support and listen to women and childless couples on their way to  find their own true happiness not based on what society expects. 



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